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eoAPI makes massive earth observation (EO) data archives discoverable and interoperable—the fastest and easiest way to configure, customize, and deploy a full Earth Observation stack.

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What is eoAPI?

State-of-the-art services to enable data discovery, search, visualization, and access.

eoAPI presents an open-source and reusable framework for harnessing earth observation data. eoAPI takes the work out of constructing a cloud-native EO infrastructure through a set of sensible defaults that fit most EO and geospatial infrastructure needs. Built with modularity as a core principle, eoAPI can easily be customized to your needs.

  • STAC Powered

    A suite of STAC-focused technologies that consistently perform well as a backend

  • Sensible Defaults

    Seamless deployment, configuration, and customization while preserving flexibility.

  • Cloud agnostic

    Quickly deploy, configure, and scale EO services, anywhere.

End-To-End Earth Observation Infrastructure
  • pgstac logo

    Catalog Your Data

    pgSTAC - Postgres STAC Extension

    pg-STAC is an optimized Postgres schema to index and search large-scale STAC collections.


  • stac-fastapi logo

    Make it Searchable

    stac-fastapi - REST API Service

    stac-fastapi is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Features API compliant FastAPI application for STAC metadata search.


    titiler-pgstac logo

    Visualize Raster Data

    titiler-pgstac - Raster Tiling Service

    titiler-pgSTAC is a TiTiler extension that connects to pgSTAC to support large-scale dynamic mosaic tiling for visualizing STAC collections and items.

    tipg logo

    Visualize Vector Data

    tipg - Vector Tiling Service

    tipg is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Features and Tiles API for vector datasets.

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Download eoAPI and deploy anywhere

Download and Deploy

Get started by downloading all the eoAPI resources you need. With our easy-to-follow guides and documentation, you'll have eoAPI up and running in minutes.

Ingest your data

Ingest Data & Metadata

Whether working with raster or vector data, eoAPI's flexible design allows you to ingest STAC Collections quickly.

Share imagery

Share, Visualize, and Analyze

Now that your data is ingested, eoAPI provides the tools to share, visualize, and analyze it. From simple sharing options to advanced analytics capabilities, eoAPI is designed to help you make the most out of your geospatial data.

Why eoAPI

We believe that the community of people who would benefit from STAC is larger than the current core community and early adopters of STAC.

The potential of Earth Observation data is immense in helping us understand our ever-changing planet. To fulfill this potential, we must provide EO data that can be easily integrated into modern applications and decision-making tools. It's crucial that it's easy to discover, interoperable, ingestible, and optimized for applications. This is a significant challenge for many organizations, and our mission at Development Seed is to address this challenge.

eoAPI in action


NASA IMPACT is leading the way for how NASA (and space agencies worldwide) can increase the societal impact of their data through cloud-optimized data distribution. They've invested significant resources in advancing modern public EO data standards, tools, and platforms. You can see eoAPI services in action throughout the VEDA platform.

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Bespoke Solutions

Want to discuss a customized solution for your needs?

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Driven by Community

eoAPI is a community-driven initiative built on collaboration. We welcome your contributions, feedback, and suggestions. Join the discussion or open a pull request in the eoAPI repository

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