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dev install

# Download the code
git clone
cd eoAPI

# Create a virtual environment
python -m pip install --upgrade virtualenv
virtualenv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate

# Install the eoapi module
python -m pip install "psycopg[binary,pool]"
python -m pip install -e runtime/eoapi/raster["test"] # or -e runtime/eoapi/stac["test"]  | -e runtime/eoapi/vector["test"]


Python applications might have incompatible dependencies, which you can resolve by using a virtual environment per application


This repo is set to use pre-commit to run isort, ruff, pydocstring, black ("uncompromising Python code formatter") and mypy when committing new code.

$ pre-commit install

Open Source

You can also contribute indirectly to eoAPI by helping on the sub-modules: